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I had recently done an update using ThinkVantage System Update on my T410s.  A driver updated which was applied, apparantly changed the behavior of my trackpoint (pressing the middle now doesnt scroll up and down). It does however put a small round picture and it seems to allow me to scroll on any direction EXCEPT in places where the location has a clickable link. This means that the scroll function of the trackpoing cannot be used in windows start menu, etc.


The issue though is that when I try hit Fn+F8, then "manage settings" - it says "unable to connect to synaptics pointing driver..." etc. then it asks me if I "...want to uninstall the driver?"


Also, in folder view, hitting the center button now drags the file instead of allowing me to scroll - which is an unexpected (I believe incorrect) behavior




This seems to be a quirk being attributed to the ultranav driver version


A newer version will likely address the issue.  


Open device manager and locate ultranav from listed devices and right click it and select properties .

Check your version number to see if you are running version  If so, check the Lenovo support site for a later version and install it, or revert to a previous version by locating the tab for driver, and then click on roll back driver.


Example of an ultranav driver tab in device manager showing version and rollback options

(Note: Displayed example is a much older version shown for illustrative purposes only)


ultranav driver tab.png



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A newer version doesn't solve the issue. See tpmiddle at