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Turn off power for Multibay HDD?

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I just replaced the 5400 RPM HDD in my new T500 with a 7200 RPM WD Scorpio Black. The change in responsiveness and boot time is remarkable! The only con is that its not that silent anymore....Smiley Mad


I put a second HDD in the Multibay (with the SATA Multibay Adapter II). I wonder if there is any way to turn off or put the multibay HDD in standby mode or so? I dont need it to be on always...

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Re: Turn off power for Multibay HDD?

If you click on the "remove hardware" icon and select to remove it, it will be stopped. If you decide that you need it again all of a sudden you can just pop it out and reinsert it, away you go.


If you have a HDD password on the drive you will need to at least hibernate the system and restart it.


Hope this helps



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Re: Turn off power for Multibay HDD?

Tried to set Windows Energy settings to turn off harddrivs when idle for 2 minutes and it seems to work. The multibay HDD spins down while the primary HDD keeps running. When accessing  the Multibay HDD it spinns up again.
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