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UltraNav Settings Lost: a cause and solution?

2015-10-07, 23:27 PM

I have put this post under 'ThinkPad 400 & 500 series' because it relates directly to a T520 but the principle may apply to other Microsoft processing systems which, under certain circumstances, tend to lose their user specified pointing device settings. Not only are there many posts on the Lenovo Community about this problem but also on the net generally.


The normal scenario is that when new, the machine always retains the settings, but then after an event: BIOS update, OS update, installation of new software, re install from back up, etc, the settings are no longer persistent. Typically, the settings vanish, but not always, following a reboot, after a user log out and log in, on a return from sleep, and after an un-dock. Some approaches to correct the problem seem to be successful at first: install latest BIOS, install latest UltraNav driver, revert to an old driver that once worked, run antivirus software, reinstall power manager, and one I thought did the trick, run DiskCleanup. But sooner or later the problem resurfaces.


So, how to find a solution? The answer seemed to be to find the root cause, which I investigated by comparing a G570, which has never lost its pointing device settings, with a T520 which was fine when new but then started losing its settings; the G570 has had an easy life while the T520 has had a harder time: bigger disk, many complex programs installed, including NET framework, etc.


I found that the G570 had command, c:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe at Windows Registry location, HKEY- LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (Start button> type, regedit.exe)- be careful- but the T520 did not. This was reflected in the respective StartUp lists (Start button> type, MSConfig.exe)


For the time being, rather than edit the Registry on the T520, I just put a shortcut to Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe in the Start folder (Start button>All Programs>Start) to see if that cured the problem, and I think it has! So far, the T520 has been rebooted many times since the change and it has always remembered the UltraNav settings. The driver version is, which is the latest on the Lenovo download site. Incidentally SynTPEnh.exe is one of the executables in the UltraNav driver (Start button> type, Device Manager>Mice and other pointing devices>ThinkPad UltraNav Pointing Device>Driver tab>Driver Details).


Based on the above, the theory is that an event causes the call to the UltraNav executable to be lost from the Registry which means that the user settings are not loaded into the system. Note: a similar problem can arise when two opposing pointing device executables are called by the registry, typically on a laptop when an external mouse has been used.


I do hope that this is the solution for my machine because I'm really tired of reconfiguring the mouse nearly every time I boot the T520 and I'd be interested to know if this approach fixes the problem for other users too.

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Re: UltraNav Settings Lost: a cause and solution?

2017-11-28, 12:44 PM

Replying after two years. For me it's not working.


SynTPEnhService.exe is now booting with windows.

Task Manager shows running task 64-bit Synaptics Pointing Enhance Service

but no UltraNav tab in mouse properties.

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