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Token Ring
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Ultrabay Caddy for T430

Need a HDD Caddy for my Ultrabay, any recommendations? Currently thinking about the newmodeUS models, but some pretty cheap ones on amazon....but just don't want to get a bad one.

Punch Card
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Re: Ultrabay Caddy for T430

I have the NewModeUS one in my T420, works fine. I decided it wasn't worth the hassle trying to get one on eBay and hoping it would work. I've also purchased IBM / Lenovo ultrabay adapters previously (for my T410 and R40). They work fine as well, but most expensive option sad to say,. 

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Re: Ultrabay Caddy for T430

FWIW I ordered this a couple of weeks ago: 9.5mm Bezel SATA 2nd HDD Hard Drive caddy bay for T400s T500 T410s X200 43N3412 for $10. It arrived this afternoon. I just put the original 320GB HD that shipped with my T430s into this caddy and replaced the Ultrabay DVD drive with it. Everything works just fine. A couple of notes: 1. I've seen some comments on the Internet that sometimes there's a small gap in these clone caddies, i.e. that they're slightly narrower than the opening in the ThinkPad. That's not an issue with this caddy. 2. Why did Lenovo change the design of the Ultrabay eject mechanism so that you need two hands to use it, i.e. one to press the spring loaded catch and the other to push the ejector? (On older models like the T60p you could eject the bay with one hand.)

Cheers... Dorian Hausman • ca.gif English community
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Token Ring
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Re: Ultrabay Caddy for T430

Thanks for the notes. I decided not to risk it and went with the newmodeUS caddy. Yes, probaly overpaid, but the piece of mind that it WILL work, was worth it for me.

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