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Blue Screen Again
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Ultranav issues on T410?

I just got a new out of box T410 (2537-DN1) and it's great.  However, I notice that at times, the mouse cursor freezes up for a second.  In particular, this happens when I use the top row of touchpad buttons (the three right below the space bar that are typically associated with the trackpoint).  For example, if I click on the left button (above the touch pad), the mouse freezes for a second.  Furthermore, if I click and hold on that button, I cannot drag anything with the touchpad but dragging with the trackpoint still works.


This is annoying as I often use two hands (they are small) when I am doing detailed work.  The right hand uses the touch pad and the left handles the buttons (the three above, not the two below).  It's very efficient.


Currently, I'm running it with driver, 2-17-2011.  I never had problems with using both the touchpad and trackpoint on my previous T60, and I swear this problem only started today.  Maybe I need to rollback on the driver?



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Re: Ultranav issues on T410?

Turn down the PalmCheck sensitivity in the UltraNav touchpad settings. The drivers like to temporarily suspend touchpad input when there is keyboard activity or TrackPoint activity. It used to be a significant delay of 1-2 seconds but has been changed to a non-noticeable amount with the latest driver revision.

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Ultranav issues on T410?

Thanks. I've never had much issue with palm check sensitivity before, and I think I trained myself to avoid it. I'm constantly being amazed by the new interface features on this machine. Some day I might even be able to use those multitouch extensions. -- kate
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Re: Ultranav issues on T410?



Here's a link to a community KB article that contains some additional information related to Colonel's suggestion on Palm check sensitivity.   This article was on T61 models, but the software should be the same or similar.

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