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Unable to access NAS through 5268ac Router on 2.4 GHz radio from Lenovo T460

I'm asking the same question to AT&T, Synology, Microsoft, and Lenovo since each point to the problem being with the other device/software.

Devices: Synology DS216+II NAS (Network Associated Storage device), Arris 5268ac Modem/Router (UVERSE 25/25), and Lenovo T460 Laptop (Windows 10 v 1709).


Several weeks ago we started having internet issues, and after several AT&T phone calls, the technician "turned off" the 5GHz radio, so he said. Actually I learned what he did was to simply change the 5GHz radio name (SSID) those forcing the wifi devices to use the 2.4 GHz radio.  After that occurred I could no longer access my Synology NAS from my Lenovo T460 via wifi.  The NAS is connected to the UVERSE  router via an Ethernet cable.  After numerous phone calls to AT&T, Synology, Microsoft, and Lenovo I simply opted to reformat my T460 harddrive (thus clean install of windows 10 v 1709) and reset the Synology NAS and UVERSE modem/router back to factory spec.  That worked but all we really did was set the SSID for the 5.0 and 2.4 GHz radios to the same default name.  Consequently all my devices choose the 5.0 GHz radio and the internet problem reoccurred.  By this time I have a better understanding of what AT&T did in the past.  So I have renamed both my 2.4GHz radio (manual set the channel to 6) and 5.0 GHz radio (manual set the channel to 48) and connected my other two Lenovo laptops, my iPhone , and ipad to the 2.4 GHz SSID and my Lenovo T460 to the 5GHz SSID, which seem to solve my internet problem.  However If I set my Lenovo T460 to the 2.4 GHz radio and can not longer connect to my NAS, the IP address no longer works???? SO I leave my T460 on the 5GHz radio while every thing else uses the 2.4 GHz radio.  While this solve my problems I can't understand while my other two laptops, my ipad,  and iPhone can connect to the NAS using either radio but my L460 (new) will only connect to my NAS via the 5.0 GHz radio.

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