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Paper Tape
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Unable to create Factory Recovery Disks


I have recently installed a Samsung SSD in the empty mSATA slot of my Lenovo T520 and used the Samsung utility to clone the C partition to the SSD. I have then simply formated the old Windows7_OS partition on the HDD and renamed it to HDD_Storage to use it as a storage partition. I still have the Q recovery partition on the HDD with 9.35 GB used, but it seems empty in file explorer. Oddly, the RECOVERY.ini file is still accessible through a file search. The screenshot summarizes my partitions.


When I execute Start -> Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools -> Factory Recovery Discs, I get an error saying it can't find the recovery files. How can I make a clean Windows install?



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Re: Unable to create Factory Recovery Disks

Welcome to the Community

You had to prepare Factory Recovery Media before the system partition cloning. Presently, with the only system partition cloned you have unproper partitions scheme for either system recovery or factory recovery media creation.

Though, try to execute the exe file on the Q:\ partiition.

Another method to recover the system to the factory state is to apply wim archives content on the partitions manually. Follow this advice:

Note: keep the only drive for the OS in the laptop during recovery process, i.e.remove another one temporarely.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Unable to create Factory Recovery Disks

Thanks for the link.



Let's say I follow the procedure in the link after backing up the files on my storage partition (originally the OS partition). I would then be able to install windows on the HDD? Then, what would be my next steps if I want to reproduce the setup I currently have? I'm thinking I would need to create recovery discs, then reinstall the mSATA SSD and finally install windows from the recovery discs on the SSD. I could then finally use the HDD as a storage partition again. Does that sound right?


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Re: Unable to create Factory Recovery Disks

yes.  After creatiing the recovery DVDs, I always like removing the spinning drive before starting the recovery.  That makes it certaiun that you don't end up with a mess where the windows boot manager is on the original drive.


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