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Upgrade the T61p to T510



I am a ThinkPad fan for years and this is still so regarding the awful quality of my machine. Curently, I have a T61p with 4gb of RAM T7500 processor 500 gigs of HDD turbo memory  etc.  The machine OVERHEATS, killed two batteries and basically, somehow, has a cheap plastics at the palm rest and the keyboard instead of the usual cool plastics. When I bought it back in 2008, it costed **bleep** lot's of money and currently, I cant' run games on it or live it for a complicated operation.


Nevermind all this, It gets my job done. It compiles, runs games (with stops for cooling) stores data, and basically being my best friend ever. 


Since the Lenovo created the T510 I have been looking for the descent review of it and it is still not coming. 


Here is my question: Do you think that spending 1600 USD worth the new computer, since my old is still working the way it did, when i first took it from it's box?




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Re: Upgrade the T61p to T510


For the very simple reason that you'd be getting rid of a potential time-bomb that your GPU is, as is every nVidia chip on that generation of the laptops.



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Re: Upgrade the T61p to T510

could you explain the "time bomb" ? what do you mean by this ?

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Re: Upgrade the T61p to T510

This review was well done.



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Re: Upgrade the T61p to T510


i think Ajkula66 is talking about this.




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