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Using Touchpad and Trackpoint simultaneously.

Hi there, I've been using a T400 for around a year now. Previously, I could move the trackpoint and the touchpad at the same time (left hand on the trackpoint and right hand on the touchpad). I reformated, installed the drivers for both, and now if I am using the trackpoint and try to move the touchpad at the same time, there is about a 2 second delay before I get any movement from the touchpad. Any ideas? It is a really big annoyance because even if I am using the track point and stop moving it, and then immediately try and move the touchpad there is still a second where no movement happens, and I have to lift my finger and put it back down on the touchpad before the cursor moves.




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Re: Using Touchpad and Trackpoint simultaneously.

I use the trackpoint and usually have both pad and trackpoint turned on.  Normally, i would have my palm resting on the pad while using the trackpoint.  If the pad reacted to my touch while i'm using the trackpoint, it would be quite annoying because the mouse would move unintentionally.  having approx 1-2 sec delay fixes the problem of unintentional movement.  


So I thought it was supposed to work that way...

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Re: Using Touchpad and Trackpoint simultaneously.

I've run into 2 flavors of this,  and found it appears to be options on the trackpoint touchpad settings.  If you have the Trackpoint software installed,  open it up,  go to Advanced settings,  UltraNav,  TouchPad,  Settings.  A couple of options that appear to affect this include:  PalmCheck,   also, SmartCheck, Starting Zone;  if the latter is enabled,  it could cause delays.


Let me know what you find,  I agree,  this is really irritating,  and not well documented.

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Re: Using Touchpad and Trackpoint simultaneously.

I think you find the solution. It works perfectly! Thanks.
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