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Virtualization on Lenovo T510 (4313CTO)


I have been using the ThinkPad T510 for several months and would like to try Virtualization now.

When I try to install any guest OS Like Windows 2008 R2 or Windows 8 Consumer Preview x86 the virtualization software (VMWare Client or Sun Virtual BOX) does not allow me to do so.  It tells me to enable Virtualization from BIOS.


Checking in BIOS, I found that VT is already enabled so I don't know why Windows 8 isn't detecting this?



System:  Lenovo T510 (Model = 4313CTO)

Bios Ver: 1.48 (6MET88WW) Date:  2011-11-28.


These details are enabled in BIOS under CPU menu:

1) Intel Hyper-Threading = Enabled

2) Intel Virtualization = Enable

3) Intel VT-d = Enabled




If VT was already enabled in BIOS you started the install, try turning off all VT options in BIOS, and shutting the system all the way down.  Then start up, go to BIOS, enable VT, save and exit, let the machine boot, then shut all the way down again.


It may be that the VT settings aren't recognized properly unless the are enabled after a clean OFF state.


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Intel TXT should be disabled to ensure Virtualization working. 


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