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What Hard Drive and Caddy Fits Lenovo T410?

What kind of hard drive and hard drive caddy would I need for a Lenovo Thinkpad 410?


Where is a good place to get a caddy, and about how much do they cost?


I was looking to buy a T410 on eBay, and I see a lot of them don't include a hard drive.      I don't know much about laptops in general.     I saw 2.5" laptop hard drives for sale on eBay and at newegg.    Will any of them work?        

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Re: What Hard Drive and Caddy Fits Lenovo T410?

Any of those Lenovo T caddies on ebay will work.  I think the going rate shipped is $9 or less.  As for hdd, pick the capacity you need using Newegg, Amazon or TigerDirect.  Just make sure it's 9.5mm or less.  Occasionally a nice 1TB spinning at 7200rpm with 32 or 64mb cache goes on sale for <$70.  I think last week the HGST was $58

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Re: What Hard Drive and Caddy Fits Lenovo T410?

Hi TomBrooklyn,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. If you're looking for a HDD caddy i would suggest you get the Lenovo Ultrabay caddy. You can type that on Ebay or Newegg and they'll be able to sorth that out.

A standard Note book Hdd would be size of 2.5". That would fit perfectly fine in any laptop or Ultrabay. The capacity of the Hdd really depend on you. If you're looking for a large capacity it is better to go for the 1TB as you can store more thing in it..

Hope this helps explains.


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