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Lenovo Staff
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The Hotkey Features contains a few sub packages:


  • On Screen Display
  • FullScreen Magnifier
  • System Interface Driver
  • Display Utility
  • AutoScroll Utility
  • Lenovo Patch Utility
    If issues happened in the above sub package functions on your computer, this program would be enabled to apply suitable fix immediately.

But what does this patch utility do?


Is it a process or does it need to get enabled manually, if you have an issue? Does it do a "home-call" without your knowledge, if you are online?


How does it apply a suitable fix?


The Lenovo Patch Utility (LPU) detects when certain Lenovo applications crash, and then gives you the option to connect to a Lenovo server to see if there is a patch for that specific problem.  It's the same idea as Microsoft Windows Error Reporting.  At the time of the crash, you can choose to check for a patch, or not.


LPU is enabled within Hotkeys, Access Connections, Power Manager, Password Manager and other Lenovo programs.


There's nothing in it that "phones home" without your knowledge.

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On Screen Display what does this do? I SL410 with Win 8.1 64bit installed 2 of my Fn hotkeyes do not work anymore.

Fn+F5 &