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What is the Rapid Boot extreme feature on ThinkPad T420s?


What is Rapid Boot Extreme?


Rapid Boot Extreme is an optimized Lenovo Preload designed to allow a T420s to boot up in just a few seconds.


This includes changes to BIOS, and optimizations to the regular software preload to allow for a fast boot up. 


The Rapid Boot extreme feature can allow the ThinkPad T420s to boot in seconds, but delays the startup of some applications, drivers and features.  Here is a list of considerations.


BIOS / Power On
In the Startup Section of BIOS there is a setting called "Boot Mode". It has three options:

  • Rapid
  • Normal
  • Diagnostic

Note that Rapid Mode can only be enabled from the RapidBoot Extreme Utility in Control Panel in Windows.  If you disable Rapid Mode in BIOS, the only way to re-enable it is through the Windows Utility.  Rapid Mode will not show as a choice in BIOS if it is disabled.


Rapid Mode:

This setting is used to support the Rapid Boot preload. Key changes here are:
1. The Thinkpad splash screen is disabled

2. USB BIOS support is disabled.

3. The ThinkVantage button is also disabled.  


To access the Product Recovery use the F11 key.


T420s bios.jpg


Starting Windows:

Certain functions are delayed for several seconds after Windows starts.

Function keys (Such as FN + F5).USB, Ethernet and Wi-Fi devices.Enhanced Audio Features.

Login password:  If user adds login PW it will add approx 1 second to boot.  This will enable USB, FP, Smartcard,



Within Windows:

1. Rapid Boot Utility (See Screenshots below), in Control Panel to enable / disable Rapid Boot.  This toggles the BIOS function.


2. Power Manager TVT is not installed. Part of the "Ready to Install" choices in ThinkVantage Tools in Control Panel.


3. No UltraNav TVT installed.  Part of the "Ready to Install" choices.  FN + F8 brings up the Windows Mouse settings.  Regular Windows Mouse driver is installed.


4. ThinkVantage button is disabled.  LTT is part of "Ready to Install" choices.


5. Some hardware, services and delayed for about 15s after boot into Windows.Hotkeys, CommUtil TVTs, all USB devices (internal and external), network and audio.


6. TVSU.  Running TVSU and installing updates may affect the boot time.


T420s Rapidboot extreme utility.jpg


 T420s Rapidboot extreme utility.jpg



Recovery Media:

Rapid Boot Extreme has it's own preload with a different part number than the normal Windows 7 Preload. The Preload part numbers are 04X0074 - US English. This is Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. This image will be called out separately in the Recovery DVD parts listing for the T420s.

Other Considerations:


  • When configured for Rapid Boot, the ThinkPad logo is not displayed at startup.


  • USB keyboard / mouse/ usb key may not work when the machine / windows first starts.  This is normal and is part of the Rapid Boot customization.  The devices will be functional after a short delay of a few seconds once Windows loads.


  • Trackpoint advanced functions are not working - this is also part of the optimization as device manager will show a PS/2 compatible mouse as installed instead of the normal ThinkPad UltraNav pointing device.



  • Installation of additional applications and updates may slow down boot time.  This is normal - additional software applications that are installed can potentially affect the boot time of the machine.  This is due to services and items in the systray being loaded when Windows starts to support those applications.


As additional software and updates are installed on the machine, this will potentially add some time to the boot process.

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