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What memory to use for T510?

I've just got my corporate Lenovo T510 and I want to upgrade the memory (it came only with 2 GB) to 8 GB and was thinking of buying Corsair RAM 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) - SO DIMM 204-pins - DDR3 (CM3X8GSDKIT1066) - 1066 MHz (PC3-8500) - Non-ECC - CL7.


But will 2 x 4 GB modules with 1066 MHz work? Or do I have to get DDR4 1333 MHz ones?


I'm looking at where it says:

• Up to 6GB 1067MHz DDR3 (4GB 1333MHz + 2GB 1067MHz)
• Up to 8GB 1333MHzDDR4 (4GB 1333MHz x2)

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Re: What memory to use for T510?

The ThinkPad T510 supports both 1066MHz and 1333MHz modules. There should be no problem in running 8GB 1066MHz DDR3 memory.


If you were to configure a T510 with 6GB of memory, you would receive a laptop with a 2GB 1066MHz module and a 4GB 1333MHz module. It's possible that Lenovo only stocks 1333MHz 4GB modules, or maybe the price difference (for Lenovo) is negligible and there's no reason to stock both 1066MHz and 1333MHz @ 4GB capacity.

In other words, the datasheet only lists what Lenovo installs on each laptop if configured with 6GB or 8GB of memory.

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Re: What memory to use for T510?

Have you tried upgrading to 4GBx2 1066Mhz memory for the T510?


I tried hynx 4GBx2 1333Mhz and it did not work (keep getting blue screens on my T510.) I had to return the memory. It could have just been an incompatible brand or a faulty memory chip.



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Re: What memory to use for T510?

Have you found a solution to upgrade your lenovo t510 to 8GB ram.
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Re: What memory to use for T510?

You should be able to run with 2X4GB with compatible sticks.  People have different brands they like.  I like Corsair Vengeance


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