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What's the verdict on the new trackpoint setup?

I'm in the market for a new notebook.  As a long time ThinkPad user, I have to say the new trackpoint set up bothers me.  I know they said in the blogs Windows 8 users deserve a better touch pad, but I would ask don't us long time ThinkPad users, who've supported the brand for years, deserve something too, but what do I know.


Anyway, the T440s and T440p are on my short list of new laptops.  Finally, a 14" ThinkPad with a good screen, but I've heard the new integrated pointstick buttons are noisy and I hate noisy buttons.  It's one of the reasons I've always had ThinkPads at the top of my list - silky smooth buttons.  Is there any consensus on how well the new setup works or anything I should know before buying?  I live no where near any place I could see one in person to judge for myself.  I'm not going through the hassle of buying one and having to return it, regardless of the restocking fee.  Thanks for any help.

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