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Where can I purchase compatible Fan, HD, and RAM to upgrade my T400s?

Hey so I posted before but my T400s has been performing very slow. Clicking on applications freezes the computer and takes 30 seconds for it to actually click (delayed). At this point I am willing to upgrade my Fan, my HD, and my RAM since I believe those are the main causes..



1) Do you guys have any advice on how EXACTLY to clean the fan area? I tried dusting it off but I got a "fan error" which means I probably didn't do it properly.


2) Do you know where I can buy cheap compatible harddrives and RAM? What do you think I would need?


3) Is their a site that explains step-by-step how to insteall the fan, HD, and RAM?



Thank you!!

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Re: Where can I purchase compatible Fan, HD, and RAM to upgrade my T400s?

So you opened the system and cleaned out the fan or did you just spray computer duster into it? Spraying duster into the fan can damage it, you should clean it out with a q-tip after removing the keyboard. You can replace the HDD with any 2.5" laptop drive. Your RAM is probably fine. And you can find the fan on eBay. Lenovo has service manuals for all the ThinkPad on their support site and those contain instructions, they even have videos.

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