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All my older ThinkPads always had the model type and serial number on the bottom of the system, and the Microsoft COA for the installed OS - XP, Vista, Windows 7.  Where can these be found on my new T530?


Additionally, if I have Windows 8, where can I find that COA?



For several generations of ThinkPads, the COA for Win 7 has been moved inside the memory compartment or under the battery to protect if from w...  Recently, the familiar system model type and serial number label has been moved there as well.


Here is an example from a T530.  Location (1) shows the MT & Serial number and location (2) shows where the COA would be found.  Note that Windows 7 factory loaded systems will have the Win 7 COA, but Windows 8 factory loaded systems will not have a COA in this location because Windows 8 licenses are reflected in the BIOS as either Windows 8 or Windows 8 pro.   (Note that the yellow label would not be found on production level systems)


T530 battery location.png

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