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Lenovo Staff
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Is there a way to switch the wireless radio on? I cannot find a button and have tried to activate this by pressing FN + F5 but to no avail.



The wireless radio switch is located on the right side of your laptop.



The green indicator shows that the wireless radio has been switched on.


This information can be found in T420 user guide, page 5.


Should you have any questions about how to use your products, please visit our support site ( to find user guide for your future products.

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Im a new owner of a T420...and any information regarding thismachine isimportant to me...Thank you for your expertise....kevin J.


I have previously owned a T40 - 41-42 and a x41 series.....donated them to needy.....and just gave my grandaughter a x61......w docking station....she can use for school.....Funny I told her its not a machine (apple) like all your friends,,,,and she said....but it's a Think pad..... Good girl...


Thanks a lot !