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Fanfold Paper
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Which WWAN Card for T400s

Anyone got advice on the best WWAN card for a T400s?  I want one that will be compatible with both ATT and Verizon.  Here's what I see available:


1.  Qualcomm GOBI Mobile BroadBand Option


2.  ThinkPad GOBI 2000 Broadband Option - No detailed info on Lenovo website.


Both are the same price. 

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Which WWAN Card for T400s

You'll need the Qualcomm GOBI Mobile BroadBand Option. If you are configuring this at the time of purchase, the correct Gobi card should be listed. With this card, Access Connections will default to a Verizon profile, however you can create a new UMTS profile for ATT and along with an activated SIM you can get connected. The other WWAN card that is available is for WCDMA(UMTS) only, it's the 3507g card. This card will only work on the AT&T network not Verizon.

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