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Why are there no driver CDs available from Lenovo?



Why are there no driver CD or some tool to automatically install drivers?  We are behind company firewall and there is .exe download restrictions in firewall, so we cannot download drivers easily.


We need drivers because there is custom Xp company image that we need to install into our T410. Beyond that model probably  changes within month or so.






There are a couple of ways to obtain drivers for Lenovo ThinkPads:


1) Drivers can be downloaded directly from www.lenovo.com/support by navigating to the particular family of system. 


2) ThinkVantage System Update can be used to automatically install your drivers:




Additionally, customers can use Rescue and Recovery to burn their own recovery disks, or recovery media can be purchased for approximately $45 through support.    Driver only disks are not provided since the ongoing distribution and logistics costs would be high, and because driver levels are periodically updated.



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