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Lenovo Staff
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My integrated T530 camera does not appear to be 720p HD as advertised.  Did anyone experience this as well?


On the shipping box it says "720p HD camera" and when ordering there wasn't even an option to modify the integrated camera option so I know it should be 720p.


In the device manager I see two entries under "Imaging Devices":

Camera Plus (VGA Resolution Maximum)

Integrated Camera


I'm really hoping that it's a bad driver or some setting, thatI don't see how it can be changed anywhere, but it does look like a lower quality camera was installed in my laptop.




If you see a checkbox in the Communication Utility, under "Manage Settings" then "Detailed Settings"  with wording like "camera plus (VGA resolution maximum)" near it, make sure that it is unchecked.


If it is checked, uncheck it and then reboot  the ThinkPad.   

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