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Will the Active Protection System also support secondary hard drives such as UltraBay?


I have a 500 GB HDD 7200rpm which I purchased from Lenovo and a HDD caddy (the slim one, so there is a slight gap for those that are curious) on the ThinkPad T510.


I have a dual boot on it with Linux running on the 500 GB.


When Windows is running, will the second HDD still get protection from shocks and other potentially damaging harm from the Active Protection System?




From http://www.pc.ibm.com/us/think/thinkvantagetech/aps.html:


"The Active Protection System (APS), available on many ThinkPad® notebook models, employs airbag-like technology to protect the hard drive. The system has an integrated motion sensor that continuously monitors the movement of the notebook, and, if a sudden change in motion is detected, it temporarily stops the hard drive to protect it from a potential crash."


The Active Protection System also supports selected secondary hard drives including:


  • A secondary hard disk drive installed in the Ultrabay™ Slim of your computer (T-series)
  • A secondary hard disk drive installed in the Ultrabay Slim of the X4 Ultrabase™ if attached to your computer
  • A secondary hard disk drive installed in the Ultrabay Enhanced of your computer (R-series)

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Mornsgrans On 2012-07-20, 19:43 PM

The link is broken, as well as in the spanish knowledge-base

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