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Paper Tape
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a very simple question

my laptop is a lenovo thinkpad t400. recently its been shutting down on its own randomly and i have no idea whether is it due to overheating.

i was just watching a 720p anime video and downloading torrents when i recorded this log

i was on ac power with no battery plugged in.


according to this log, is my laptop shutting down due to overheatng?


i still have warranty for this laptop, so what can those guys at the repair center do about this problem?




lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: a very simple question

Your temperature is on the high side for 720p video and torrents, you may need a new fan/heatsink. Call the warranty up and they should fix the issue for you.

Jin Li

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Re: a very simple question

Are your switchable video drivers properly installed? If they're not, they tend to run the system super hot.

Do check the fan and heatsink for dust buildup. You may also need to replace the thermal paste.

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Paper Tape
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Re: a very simple question

thank you for all your input. your input is more valuable and useful as compared to the lousy technicals from lenovo chat support.


i was thinking that the temperatures are on the high side too. i have sent the same log to the lenovo technicans in the chat support and the tecnican could not analyse the log and give me constructive feedback. neither was the technican able to give me a range of optimum operating temperatures for my laptop.


i will be bringing my laptop to the repair center of lenovo's authorised business partner and i hope the technicans there are able to do something about it.

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