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Paper Tape
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how to connect using em7345 wwan card



I have installed correctly a wwan card sierra wireless em7345.

Firmware update was done successfully as showed in the picture.




But what's the next step ? is there any manager software ?


I am using Windows 7 64bits, ultimate edition.


Thanks and regards,

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Re: how to connect using em7345 wwan card

Welcome to the Community

In order to establish wwan connection the following Lenovo drivers/apps should be installed:
- Power Management Driver
- Hotkey Features Integration package. It allows to turn on/off the wwan modem using hotkey, it should be Fn+F5 of F5, depending on the laptop model and BIOS setting
- Access Connections. It allows to set up connection profile and has some other useful features.

- ensure the wwan modem (Wireless WAN Port) is enabled in BIOS Setup -> Security menu -> I/O Port Access submenu
- ensure the win7 service "WWAN Autoconfig" works
- turn on the hardware wireless radio switch on the laptop if it's present
- hit Fn+F5 (F5), enable wwan communication
- launch Access Connection, create wwan connection profile. Usually it's enough to choose cellular provider, check out APN setting (its matching to your sim card/tariff features), choose preferable network type (3g, LTE)
- use the profile

win7 is capable to establish wwan connection without 3rd party tool like Lenovo Access Connection. Just click on Network icon in Systems tray, pop-up window with available network connection should show the wwan connection with your cellular operator. Right click on it, fill in profile settings and use it. The difference with AC application is inability to set up any additional features, even preferable network type.

Of course the SIM card with broadband / Internet access option should be activated and inserted in the laptop. Do it while the laptop is powered off completely, without AC charger and battery pack.

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Paper Tape
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Re: how to connect using em7345 wwan card

Thanks. It was very helpful. I had to install Thinkvantage access connection as I did not find out how to do using builtin Windows solution. Thanks again.

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