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illuminated keyboard on T450s

Good evening everyone,

My T450s: 20BWS0XY00 / xxxxx

I ordered an illuminated keyboard FRU 04X0112 for my T450s
and received a FRU 04X0150 that looks the same.

Without mounting it I manipulated some keys, and there is horror;

The keys do not go vertically when pressed, but tilt back, which is not comparable to the original unlit.

Having not been mounted, I asked for a return but the seller replied that it's the same ... but no it's not the same.
Can someone help me see things more clearly?
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Re: illuminated keyboard on T450s

Indeed, both keyboards with FRU you've mentioned are the same. They differ by manufacturer, Chicony and Liteon. But both of them are for T460, not T450s. So, new keyboard isn't compatible with your laptop.

T450s' list of service parts and their FRUs are in the file

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Re: illuminated keyboard on T450s

If I remember correctly, T450s and T460 keyboards are identical.  After you attach the cables and screw in the 6 small screws, you must slide the frame back for the keys to work correctly.  There are little notches under the bottom row of the keyboard.  Make sure all the little tabs fit into the palmrest.


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Re: illuminated keyboard on T450s

@ richk
It is you who are right, the depression of the keys is effective only when the keyboard is definitively in place.
This keyboard works perfectly and it is illuminated, what happiness!
Thanks again for this help.


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