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Paper Tape
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laptop doesn't sleep after undocking

When I come to work I dock my laptop, lid closed, press the power button on the dock and after a few seconds I'm ready to work. When I leave for home I undock and put in my bag. It takes me an hour to reach home during which time the laptop is in my bag, not being used. When I get home it is hot since it didn't go into sleep. At home when I leave it for a while, it goes to sleep (plugged is 15 minutes or unplugged 30 minutes)


1. Why won't it go to sleep after I undock?

2. Why won't it go to sleep after an idle timeout


wake timers are disabled when unplugged and powercfg -requets shows an empty list.


How do I fix this situation? I know I can undock, open the lid (wait for it to come on), then close again, but this is tedious and a lot of times I'm in a hurry and forget. 

What's DOS?
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Re: laptop doesn't sleep after undocking

yes, i have the same question but my laptop is asus. i wonder whether it is because of hardware. 

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