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lenovo T440 clickpad underappreciated

I think the Lenovo T440 clickpad was underappreciated it could of been the wrong type of trackpad for the T series but better for Lenovo consumer laptops. 

Before the Microsoft precision drivers were popular as they are now today. I managed to use tweaking of the trackpad registry values and autohotkey to have something better than Microsoft precision driver functionality.


Basically the Lenovo T440 clickpad had 1, 2, 3 three finger tap and the 2 and 3 finger scroll up and down but also the extra uncommon functionality of 1, 2, 3 and three finger press. All a large trackpad designed for this.


I set it up in a way that you can browse the internet and take notes and copy and paste links never needing to use the keyboard if you didn't need to type. The synaptics drivers had marcos so you could assign copy and paste functionality to mouse presses. Modifying the registry and using autohotkey. 


I had 3 finger swipe up and down and left and right, for copy, paste and cut. Useful when you want to make searches or modify web address and taking notes to copy to Windows notepad.

I also had press enter key for 3 finger clickpad press so you could paste a web link into the chrome address bar and not needing to touch the keyboard.


To be more creative you could of had 1 finger press to go into zoom in and out mode if  you found the time to code it with autohotkey. It would have been a more precise way to zoom. Or 2 finger press to go to into rotate mode.


There was other functionality but it was awhile ago





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