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new t520 and rapiddrive

Hi, I'm going to buy a new t520 but was holding on for a hybrid rapiddrive option. As far as I understood it is a SSD on top of

HDD and some new t520 suppose to have it as an option. Problem is: lenovo is very vague about it and i cant find anything to make me sure which one to buy. Yesterday I found a new option of 80G microdrive SSD on top of a usual HDD. It is sound like what I look for but does anyone know is it a rapiddrive or just RAID combo? Will computer handle a combo like a single drive or as a 2 separate units? Any information will be much appreciated.

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Re: new t520 and rapiddrive

AFAIK, it could show up as a seperate drive entirely, or it could be used as a hybrid device. There's a RapidBoot driver floating around on the driver site somewhere.

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Re: new t520 and rapiddrive

"RapidDrive" is one of those marketing/sales terms that means different things depending on where it's being used.


IdeaPad's version of RapidDrive is a hybrid solution where theoretically the speed of SSD is combined with the capacity of HDD to provide the best of both worlds.  And it's a software hybrid solution as there isn't any hardware hybrid solution that Lenovo sells.


RapidDrive means something different for ThinkPad; it just means that the system has an SSD (or mSATA) drive and Windows is loaded on this drive.  If the system is configured/ordered with the separate HDD as well, then the HDD appears as a separate drive to the user.  There is not currently any software for ThinkPad where the SSD (or mSATA) and HDD are combined together in a way that the combo is treated as a single drive.

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