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Fanfold Paper
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playing games and drop fps

My laptop, i5 with hd3000 and nvs4200m. I use to play a game (lol) and it handle it pretty well. Now, when I change it to medium graphic settings, the fps drops to 8-10 and never goes up until I restart the game. I tried setting it back to the lowest graphic settings and it won't work. 


No overheat. Fan and vents are clean. I was thinking maybe the GPU is having problems, but if it has problem and switches back to hd3000, would the fps goes back up? This is confusing...

Blue Screen Again
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Re: playing games and drop fps

I got a laptop several months ago, a Lenovo Thinkpad T420 model Windows 7 with an Intel i5 2.5 GH processor (The sticker on the laptop says i7; must have been changed to either bring down the price or for an easy to backfire market practice) and it seems to easily handle almost every high end game, from Roblox and Rain World to Planetside 2. And it works amazingly; it's like a vintage gaming laptop that works amazingly.


But it always hits some kind of point, maybe a spike in the system or software, and the frames for the game application and it only drop to be unplayable. The first few times playing the game, I can usually get a lot of progress done before it ends up doing this. I've been pointed to believe it's one of two things; It could be that the system fails to load something, so it ends up trying to put it into view but with it unloaded it creates tremendous problems as the system is constantly trying to show it. I've come to this theory because as I have turned the screen up in World of Tanks Blitz while it had insignificant lag (Not an unplayable temprarily set frame rate drop) it would stop lagging. Then when I looked a certain direction, it would happen again. The second theory is that there is something put into the software, maybe by Microsoft to make Windows 7 unusable through updates or through a driver glitch with multiple softwares controling the application. It would be extremely helpful if the softwares such as Nvidia, Lenovo, Windows 7, and Intel HD Graphics had one place where you can set the details for them. I am going to spend the next few days playing with the settings and trying to make them all the same to see if that helps. Expect more posts and hope a Lenovo developer sees this and looks into it, too. I just want to play something!

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Re: playing games and drop fps

Do you have the NVIDIA graphics card too?

After it hits the extreme lag, does it suddenly rebound after a few seconds?

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: playing games and drop fps

Hello ColonelONeill!
Are you experiencing similar problems?
I am having troubles with something closer to what you mentioned, which is my FPS keep at stable 60 for example, then go to 10 for lik 15 seconds and then go back to 60. This goes on and on with no idea of a fix so far. Cannot really play anything to be fair...


I have nvidia ge force 150mx

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