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Blue Screen Again
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power issues with t420i

hello all. i have a 3 1/2 year old t420i (4177) that has been an absolute workhorse. for the last month i've been having random power issues. at first, i had an issue starting the system (no sounds but the battery lcd would blink a couple times). after 3-6 tries, it'd boot on up. i read on another thread here that it could be the CMOS so i replaced that myself (out of warranty since march). that didn't help anything so i've just left the system on (using it on both battery only and plugged in). the last three days the system has taken to turning itself off randomly. the first time it did it, it restarted itself with no errors. the last 2 times (today), it powered all the way down after i hit the caps lock key. it started back up after pushing the power button once. i ran the diagnostic program i downloaded from lenovo's help page and it did not indicate any issues.


i'm at a loss - is this the CMOS, the mobo, or something completely different? i use this system daily and work on projects that i can't lose to power loss. i have no idea what out of warranty service with lenovo would cost and can't afford a brand new system (not to mention, i just bought a replacement slice battery). help???

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