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problems with microsoft activation by phone invalid characters from bios licence key????

after installing a new SSD on my t440s I couldn't activate windows because the laptop did not have the licence key sticker on the back and it was downgraded to 7 from factory.




When i called the phone activation, it told me the 6 sets of numbers are invalid,then I spoke to 2 different but equally useless reps who spoke horrible english. 1 simply told me the numbers are invalid and asks me to wait 2-3hrs for a tech guy to call me back to remote access my system since she couldn't (of course she couldn't, she didn't even ask!)


2nd rep was this vietnamese woman who spoke equally horrible english than the first. Tried to explain to her the same thing as the first but all I can hear are mumblings and mangled english. I told her I can't understand her and she said something like " i can no transfer cone. please cone back back"   **bleep**? took me a while to understand.


It took me 30mins to explain to them why I don't have the sticker or why I don't have the recovery cds.

later on I finally found 2 softwares to dig up the bios and I found 2 keys, key 1 is labelled windows 7 professional key, key 2 is the windows OEM key.


i tried to enter a key (key1) but it was seen as invalid, I tried entering key 2. but it says there is an invalid character so the key becomes 24 characters instead of 25. turns out the N letter is seen as an invalid letter.


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