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t410 lock-ups, running out of options

Hello all, this is my first post.


I just got a lenovo thinkpad t410 from CDW on clearance.  When I first got it, I wiped the whole drive and installed Ubuntu 10.10.  Every now and then the computer would completely lock up: to be more descriptive, the mouse would stop moving, but the chassis fan would still run and the drive would still appear to be "working"... I figured it was for lack of updated drivers.


I threw Windows 7 Professonal on it today.  I updated most of the drivers through Windows by downloading files from Lenovo's driver site.  I'm not 100% sure I had lock up issues before installing Windows, but I do know that when I put Ubuntu back on my sytem (10.10) alongside Windows in separate partitions, the first install completely froze and I had to re-try.


Anyways, towards the end of my driver update process, I found that when I turned the computer on, it took no less than 15 seconds (past log in) for the screen to lock up, in the same fashion as earlier with a clean Ubuntu 10.10 install.


I searched online and rolled back the most recent drivers I installed, but it still froze.  Then I updated BIOS to the most recent version as per Lenovo's site... still freezes.  I am at my wit's end.  Could this be a hardware malfunction?


EDIT: I forgot to mention, now that I have both Windows 7 Pro and Ubuntu 10.10, the lock-up occurs on BOTH operating systems.  It seems to lock up when it tries to access networking.  I updated the network drivers very early in my Windows installation and had no problems for a few hours until I installed more drivers. 

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