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Paper Tape
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t410 wd ssd drive upgrade not booting..stuck in screen after preparing desktop

Ok i am trying to upgrade a t410 to a 2.5" wd ssd drive. Used Easus Backup to clone each of the three partitions on the original drive. the new drive was in the t410 and used bootable easus and original drive in USB case to perform clone.


The machine will startup get to windows login accepts login and then says preparing desktop for a few seconds and then goes into blank dekstop screen and hangs. it sure looks like what is happening is that OS partition is getting assigned letter D instead of the C it needs to be. Have tried diskpart to assign drive letter to no avail.


tried deleting the two other partitions SYSTEM_DRV and RECOVERY but similar result...balnk desktop with this copy of windows not valid in bottom right corner.


Any thoughts?

Paper Tape
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Re: t410 wd ssd drive upgrade not booting..stuck in screen after preparing desktop

Well since no one responded I kept at it like a dog with a bone.


I finally used Easeus backup of the source drive on all three partitions. Could not do windows backup or image due to some windows error Error Codes 0x8078006B and 0x80042308 that i could not resolve.


Then did a factory recovery from DVDs that luckily i had made to the new SSD internal to the t410.  Restarted machine let it do its intial setup and then shut down.


Then booted into easeus disc. Did recovery of just the main C; drive with sector by sector and optimize for ssd turned on. Easeus tech support said the drive had to be at least 10% larger. I had more than 10% free i figure that would have to do. That took a few hours and then when done restarted machine. Had to do a windows repair option from boot forced me there so no real skill. it tool a while to do that. Then said rebot and VOILA!! it was my old drive transferred over to the new SSD. Success


Only took about a week of in the background work and tech support from the other side of the world to get it done but no SSD is going to beat me!


It does make the difference in performance on the machine. so it was worth it.


Now all the good aside. Western Digital was absolutley useless in helping. They eseentially said talk to whoever you chose to do cloning. I had just done a desktop to a Samsung SSD the week before they provided the cloning software and it went as easy as 123. Chose the samsung as my local supplier was out of WD drives and the old drive was failing. My  loyalty to WD for laptop repalcement and the horrible lack of support they gave during that process will make me reconsider that loyalty in future drive purchases. Lenovo not a whole lot better. At least they gave me a forum to post to. But doesnt seem that anyone monitors it at all. Again, it will be taken into consideration during future computer purchases for my company. 

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Re: t410 wd ssd drive upgrade not booting..stuck in screen after preparing desktop



Glad you got it working and thanks for taking the time to post how you got there.


Please do keep in mind that this is primarily a peer-to-peer forum.  Your 1st post landed on a weekend, and that's often a time that sees less traffic than during the week.  (Seems like it should be the other way around... go figure...)  It may well be that no-one who saw it has had experience with the same bits and pieces.


Thanks again for your post.  Hopefully search will lead others to it, should anyone be facing the same situation.




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