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t420i screen brightness issue

This one is a little hard to explain.

I should note that this only happens when I am not plugged in with an AC adapter.

On my brand new Thinkpad, my screen's backlight will brighten when there is a lighter image on the screen and dim when there is a darker image on the screen.

The way it works is when I transition from a lighter image to a darker one, the screen will slightly lower its brightness level about twice a second. It will do this 4-5 time, dimming the screen little by litte. It isn't a lot, the total difference between the 2 brightness level is about 1 brightness leve if I were to adjust it manually. It might even be less. The annoyance is how it changes bit by bit.

I'm led to believe that this is actually a feature with the notebook, but I just can't find a way to turn it off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


EDIT: After a ton of fiddling, I finally got it fixed. In case anyone else wants to disable this, you have to go into the control panel, open up Intel GPU options, select Advanced, go to power, change power source to battery, and uncheck the box that says "Display Power Saving Technology"

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