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Paper Tape
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t420s cracked screen

My two week old t420s was great until----one day I closed it, carried it into the conference room, opened it up, and the screen was cracked!!!! I did not drop it--nothing hit against it--- I have no idea why this happened. Unfortunately it was not covered under the regular warranty. ( l had no idea there was one for this type of problem} I am very disappointed in Lenovo for not standing behind their product---this was my first Lenovo computer and now it will be my last! Because the repair would have been so costly, it was less expensive for me to buy another less fragle computer of a different brand. I fear Lenovo has comprimised the t420s in terms of durability, in order to make it lightweight. I don't usually write reviews, but this was such a costly mistake for me, I hope I can help others by warning them. Do not buy this model unless you plan on treating it with kid gloves
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Re: t420s cracked screen

Hi drcmn,

Drop me a private message with your email and I will escalate this issue to the customer relations for them to look into it.

Paper Tape
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Re: t420s cracked screen

Thank you. How do I send you private message?
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Re: t420s cracked screen

drcmn, welcome to the forum,


Click on JameZ's member name to the left of his above post, this will open his member profile. On the right side of his profile you will see under Contact there is a link - Send this user a private message - clicking on the link will open the PM function.


Alternatively you can click on the envelope at the top of each forum page.



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Re: t420s cracked screen

If your laptop has physical damage, no standard manufacturer warranty except for ASUS (only on certain laptops) covers it. A cracked screen is not a defect, it is end user inflicted.

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Paper Tape
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Re: t420s cracked screen



I had exactly the same problem with my computer. The screen seems to be weak. I love my computer and I know, I did not do anything to harm any damage. I just closed it and 10 min later when I had carried it for a meeting... it was cracked...


What can I do? Is this a weakness you have heard about before? How can I explain this for Lenovo, no one will believe me, no computer can be that week...



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