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t440s laptop screen flickers irregularly

2016-07-25, 4:05 AM



As the subject describes, my laptop screen flickers quickly and at irregular intervals.  It is a single flicker once every 3-5 minutes or so but it could be more frequent, perhaps at times when I am not concentrating on the screen or it is too light to notice.  It is quite irritating and noticable though.  The flickering started about 3 weeks ago and doesn't seem to be getting much worse.  I spend time in both Fedora 24 linux and Windows 10.  It occurs in both operating systems, but seems to occur more frequently in Fedora.  


I had the original screen replaced by a repair shop last year for an unrelated issue.  


The flickering is not like the problem posted here:



Any advice is appreciated.  I am afraid my laptop is no longer under warranty, so I will be stuck paying to repair this issue.  If so, I would probably disassemble and replace the effected part myself since I have the tools and some experience doing this.  




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Re: t440s laptop screen flickers irregularly

2016-07-25, 5:34 AM

If it were just in Windows, I would say update the drivers, but since it occurs on both operating systems, that is unlikely the cause.  

My first guess, especially since you had it repaired, is that it may just be a loose connection, and most likely in the cables  that passes through the hinge.   The irregular occurrences could be heat related, or perhaps vibration from the cooling fan is enough to cause it to flicker.    


I believe, from looking at page 84 in the attached Hardware Maintenance Manual ThinkPad - T440s  that it would not be too difficult to remove the back cover to inspect and tighten any loose connections.   The steps I see that are needed to check it yourself detailed below, and appear to be pretty easy.      


Before starting, make sure you are not statically charged, read through the relevant sections in the Hardware Maintenance Manual, and obtain a secure place to store all the small screws; they are hard find on the floor, and even harder to procure if you need to replace them.   Ziploc bags work well.    

If you need to take parts off, it never hurts to snap a few photos first too.


Disabling the built-in battery Before replacing any FRU (Field Replacement Unit)   (see page 60)

       Ensure that you have disabled the built-in battery by doing the following:

  1. Disconnect the ac power adapter and all cables from the computer.
  2. Restart the computer. When the ThinkPad logo is displayed, press F1 to start the ThinkPad Setup program.
  3. Go to Config ➙ Power ➙ Disable built-in battery.
  4. Press Enter. A Setup Confirmation window is displayed

Remove SIM Card            Note: Most do not unless you specifically ordered one,

Remove the SIM card if you have a wireless (cellular) wide area network (WWAN) card installed.  (see page 60)


Remove External Battery  (see page 61)

Remove the Base Cover  (see page 61)      Note: Be sure to follow the order given for first removing the screws, and then for gently prying open the case.  


LCD Unit Replacement is covered on Page 84, but I would not think you will need to remove it just to check the connectors.


Hardware Maintenance Manual ThinkPad - T440s



Good Luck!

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