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Paper Tape
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t460s uefi bios update and ssd secure wipe without windows

is it possible to update uefi bios without having a windows installation, e.g. from the bios itself using a usb stick? in the same fashion, is it possible to discard the criptographic key of ssd form within the bios, without external software? if not, these both seem fairly standard features, why are they not implemented?

Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: t460s uefi bios update and ssd secure wipe without windows

1.  how to update BIOS from USB  - download the BIOS package for Windows, extract it, and in the extract folder will be a readme with instructions about how to create the USB key


2.  how to wipe SSD  - cannot be done from within BIOS itself.

you want the "floppy" version and the readme describes how to prepare a USB key

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Community SeniorMod
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Re: t460s uefi bios update and ssd secure wipe without windows

For those (like me) who might misunderstand what someotherguy means by extract:  he's talking about running the installer .exe far enought to build the target folder but not allowing it to actually install the BIOS.  Using an archiving tool like 7zip won't work.


Run the .exe (on any handy windows machine [edit] or virtual machine) and either note the target folder or browse for one of your choice.  Disable the actual BIOS install by unchecking the "install" check box.




BIOS Extraction Target.PNG

 BIOS Extraction Disable Install.PNG


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