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t480s very loud fan



I just got a bradn new t480s and the fan is VERY loud, even when doing almost nothing it keeps going. It's in the docking station now and while doing little (cpu at 5%) I can hear it. My 450s was super quiet.


Has anyone else heard this and/or found an answer beyond returning it?




Token Ring
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Re: t480s very loud fan

My T420s is the same - fan spins at 4000rpm when idling and temps in the 30s (celsius)......noisy, and ridiculous.  No need for it, but that's the default (BIOS) behaviour of some (most?) Thinkpads. 


The good news is that the BIOS fan speed can be overridden by 3rd party software - "tpfancontrol" for example in Windows.  I use it on all my Thinkpads and it works very well.


At the risk of getting lynched by the community, it's a Thinkpad, so fan noise is likely to be an issue.  3rd party software seems to be the best solution since Lenovo don't seem to have one. 

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Re: t480s very loud fan

I don't have this issue with my T480s, It never gets warm and I don't hear any fan noise. My unit does not have a descete graphic card which I think raises the CPU temperature resulting the fan to kick in, but I don't use my unit for gaming or heavy graphic tasks.

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Re: t480s very loud fan

The reason for acquiring the T480S was exactly that the T450S was so quiet - even with an i7 processor. Darn, this 480 makes as much noise as my old HP Envy. That's going to be a burden for the next 3 years.

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