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t500 product recovery

Hi, guys

first post here despite having a thinkpad for the past 2 years....

I've just bought a t500 and after some tinkering with windows 7 it started freezing misbehaving. I've decided to restore the hard drive to the original state. To cut a VERY long story short, it turns out that the lenovo product recovery utility (the one created when burning the recovery partitions onto discs) doesn't tell you if it fails to read a file from the Cd. Instead, it freezes (apparently trying repeatedly to read the file) then just skips it without giving any notice. Then in the end of the recovery process the application gets stuck. The reason why it's stuck? Well, it pops up an error message regarding the image it just created, saying “it doens't contain a resource section” only it pops it BEHIND THE MAIN "PRODUCT RECOVERY" window so it's not visible. Naturally, the recovery fails (i'm guessing that the exact symptom will depend on the exact file the utility couldn't read).

In the end, it turns out I've wasted about 8 hours of my life due to a smudge on one of the recovery Cds. So guys - learn from my mistake. And lenovo reps - for the love of god, please modify the next releases of the product recovery application to notify user of files that could not be read.


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Re: t500 product recovery

In the end, were you able to recover the machine somehow?  Maybe with the on-HD recovery partition & tools, or?


If you - or anyone - are stuck with an unreadable CD or DVD, try copying it on another machine or in another optical drive.  Once in a while a bad or marginal disk can be salvaged that way, and the copy used for the restore or whatever.



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