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thinkpad T400 advance docking PCI-E grahic card - reboots

Hi all,

2 weeks have passed now without finding any solution to my issue.

I have a Thinkpad T400 dual core 2x2,4ghz + Windows 7. I would like to use it with my advance docking to play games thanks to the PCI-E port.

Basically, the problem is the following, I have plug as a test a radeon x1300 256Mb (that should be supported officially in the docking 2503), each time I switch ON the PC, it reboots permanently after a few seconds.

I have an advance docking 2503 supporting SATA (newer version) and an older version in IDE, the problem is the same. I have plugged also as a graphic card test a X700 card, it booted only once, Windows started to install automatically the drivers and rebooted.

I have seen that other persons have the same poblem than me but no solution found for now. It looks like the T400 doesn't really like the advance docking for the PCI-E stuff.

My bios is configured with PCI-E and DVI (screen cable connected directly to the external graphic card) and advance docking is enable.

I'm just lost right now, I dont have any solution. I hope someone has a solution for me.

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Re: thinkpad T400 advance docking PCI-E grahic card - reboots

set in your bios the main screen to either auto or the laptop. If you have a screen attached to your GPU try setting your dock GPU as the main display in bios. Try using a newer GPU since they tend to have less problems with this. You could try read my posts on my experience with this dock. I have attached GPUs that would never normally work. Make sure the GPU you're trying to attach uses 55W or less.
Paper Tape
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Re: thinkpad T400 advance docking PCI-E grahic card - reboots

I'll give that a shot, thanks for the tip.


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