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Blue Screen Again
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volume controls disabled - T400, Win 7 Pro x64

Hi Folks,


This has been a consistent problem for me, but it's been hard to reproduce, until now.  Occassionaly, my volume controls become disabled - hitting the up or down volume doesn't do anything.  I've just found one way to reproduce the problem:


I use Thunderbird for my email, and when I minimize it to the superbar by clicking on the superbar icon, the icon itself seems to remain in some sort of state of focus.  When that happens, the volume buttons no longer work.  When I take focus away from the icon by clicking on something else, the volume buttons resume their functionality.


What's going on with this?  It's not just a problem with Thunderbird, as I've encountered this issue in different situations as well (which I can't reproduce at the moment).  So - before anyone goes blaming Thunderbird, I believe it's a bug in the lenovo software instead.  Any lenovo folks available here to take a look at this?




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