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volume indicator does not work any more

Hi, I have asked this question before, but nobody can give me any further assistant. Please note that I have already installed the hot key feathers manually, also, someone told me that I need to use the lenovo's graphic card driver, but I am not sure where I can get it, does any one can give me a link for it? The original message is as follows:

I have a T500, and ever since I upgraded my system from vista home basic to win7 64bit, the indicator for the volume and the brightness does no longer work. When I press the buttons on the keyboard, the hotkeys does work, but there is no display on the screen. I downloaded the on screen displace for my machine for this system, but still problem persist.I am wondering why this happens and how to solve this problem. Thanks

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Betreff: volume indicator does not work any more

Remove the video driver (Controlpanel - Programs and functions) and install this one:



Update install from Vista to Win 7 can lead to driver problems and slow growing system inconsistency. So it's always the best method, to do a fresh, clean install after back-up the data and the folder C:\SWTOOLS .


C:\SWTOOLS contains a few setup files, which only are availiable on factory default installation.

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