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white pressure spots but no repair!

Dear Lenovo-Team,


last fall I bought a Thinkpad T460p. After around two weeks I realized there were lots of white spots on my screen. Recently, I decided to make use of my warranty and get it repaired/replaced, since it is really annoying and distracting. I am in China right now (bought the Thinkpad in Germany), so I signed up for the International Warranty Services. Unfortunately, the responsible service employee told me, that this problem (pressure spots), is not covered by the warranty.


For the second time recently (the first one), I am utterly disappointed by Lenovo! How can a company advertise with phrases like "There’s a reason this is the gold-standard in business settings. Military-specification tested for ruggedness, durability, and quality against a number of strict parameters means it is ready for anything." (link), but leaves so many customers alone with their "pressure" spots? Judging by my own careful use and numberous statements in the forum, it really doesn't seem to be the users fault of applying too much pressure (on this high quality, thoroughly tested business notebook).


So herewith I am asking Lenovo again to please help me repair or replace this defective screen.


Here are some pictures of the mentioned white spots:


Thinkpad white spots 1 small.jpgThinkpad white spots 2 small.jpgThinkpad white spots 3 small.jpg

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Re: white pressure spots but no repair!

Pressure spots are a built-in part of current LCD technology.  There is a backlight that bounces off a shiny layer in the back and then it is  reflected through the LCD matrix.  If there is pressure on the screen, it squeezes the LCD layer and the shiny layer closer together and increases the brightness at the point of pressure.  Screens, today, are thinner, with no thick, glass front layer for protection.  I cannot tell from the pictures whether your spots are caused by you pressing your finger against the screen  or by normal operation.  If it was not caused by you, you should ask for a 2nd opinion and explain the situation.  I have not used OLED screens yet, but they have no backlight, so whenever that becomes the standard, pressure spots will no longer be a problem.  (I realize that doesn't help you here)


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