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Fanfold Paper
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windows vertical scroll bar stuck at the bottom


can anybody help me solve the problem? thanks in advance.


my laptop is ThinkPad T400, part No. 2764CTO, bought in Nov, 2008. OS is vista, office 2007.


the problem is sometimes when I use word or IE, the vertical scroll bar just stuck at the bottom, I could not go back to the first page or pageup, first I thought I got virus, I scaned the whole computer with AVG (free version), there was no virus, but sometimes this could fix the problem, sometimes not. it is very annoying.


is this the computer hardware problem or other problem? how to fix it.





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Re: windows vertical scroll bar stuck at the bottom

Hello Eric,


please go to start-->control panel-->mouse select tab ultranav.


The click touchpad and choose the navigation point on the left, virtual scrolling an uncheck automatic scrolling.

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Paper Tape
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Re: windows vertical scroll bar stuck at the bottom

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I haven't tried the other suggestion, but mine frequently does this even though I have the ultranav touchpad and buttons turned off. Seems banging on the mouse buttons makes it  stop.



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Paper Tape
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Re: windows vertical scroll bar stuck at the bottom

I have a brand new T400 that is doing same thing, mine is running Windows XP.  I work on a help desk, and my company is replacing all of it's T43ps with T400's.  I hope a bios update will fix this, and if so hopefully soon, because we will be getting lots of calls about this.
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Re: windows vertical scroll bar stuck at the bottom

It's the Sticky Keys.  Hit the Shift key 5 times and hit Cancel to cancel sticky keys when the prompt comes up.
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