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Battery Problem

2009-02-28, 23:27 PM

Battery only last 30mins and power manager say it is 24% of original capacity.

Its a sony battery, part # 92P1141, with a 34 cycle count.


Tech support said they can not replace the battery because the warranty for the battery is only 1 year ( I missed it by 2 months) and would I like to buy a new battery.


I am very disappointed in the poor battery life and why would I want to buy another battery that will only last 1 year?


Are there alternatives other than buying a new battery?

Does anybody know where I can submit a complaint? Lenovo had battery recalls before, I vote for another one!



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Re: Battery Problem

2009-03-05, 14:11 PM

We have various T model Thinkpads in use. On T4x laptops, battery capacity after three years of use is about 60%. 


T60 batteries have usually failed after a year, only one or two batteries failed during warranty. Some batteries fail completely and don't get charged anymore. Others just fade away, losing capacity. 


Needless to say that I'm not impressed with the quality. New "genuine" Lenovo battery costs about 100€, so replacement is not cheap. If third party battery is used, Power Manager is constantly bitching about it! Just noticed it when one user bought a new battery on T61 by himself...


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Re: Battery Problem

2009-03-05, 19:34 PM

Most of batteries are death after 1+ year... It loses 40%-60% of capacity.. or after cca 180 power cycles (battery usage)..

Then need to be replaced.. Dead faster if exposed to high temperatures .. (trunk of a car..., or power management problems = notebook does not hibernate and still stays "live" in bag on a way home)....


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Re: Battery Problem

2009-03-05, 22:58 PM

Well thats thinkpad 60-61 series for you. Have heard many stories about batteries with 60 or co cycles on them dying, on both sony and sanyo celled batteries. We have 200+ T60 series at work, I have a T61 and My dad has an R61, well guess what, most of the T60s and my T61 had battery issues, luckily mine was under warranty, the 1 year battery warranty on the T60's had expired and now we have 100+ lenovo T60 desktops. It looks like lenovo has lost a relatively big customer, as up till this year we were an IBM/Lenovo only institution, but we are making a phased transition to macs, macbooks, macpro desktops and imacs, across the board, roughly about 2000 units in total. I was a big fan of lenovos myself until this battery mess and the SATA 3 gb fiasco.


Oh by the way, my brother is still using the Compaq Evo n620c that I gave him last year when I got my T61. That machine was bought back in 2004 and still getw over 2 hrs on the original battery. The Evo n600c that my father has had for the past 7 years still gets about 50-60 minutes on the original battery. So batteries failing in 1 years time is somewhat unique to lenovos in my experience.

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Re: Battery Problem

2009-03-06, 8:54 AM

The Sanyo battery that some of the older T6x, R6x, X6x have had some problems, and some of these cells were recalled or replaced under warranty or 6 months extended warranties.


Sanyo batteries was responsible for some widespread battery problems in the Ipod mini too.


Battery life depends on how you charge it and store it. 


Jin Li

May this year, be the year of 'DO'!

I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft
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