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Locked out of computer and BIOS after BIOS update

2008-04-16, 16:22 PM
Hey folks,
I got my T61 last week and been very happy so far. I installed Windows yesterday and did all the updates and driver installation with the automated Matrix program (not sure what it's called). One of the updates was a BIOS update.
I tried to access my BIOS afterwards and it asked me for a password (it has never done that before the update). I never set one, so I just tried to hit enter and to double check also my usual computer password (I set that for Windows but not for BIOS, I just wanted to double check). Now I can't access my computer nor my BIOS anymore.
Any idea what I can do? I am sure I never entered a password and so I am pretty frustrated.
Thank you.
Solved! See the solution

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Re: Locked out of computer and BIOS after BIOS update

2008-04-18, 10:03 AM
You need to provide more information before one could suggest anything concrete. However, here are some generic suggestions.
  • Is the machine totally dead?
    • Take it to service.
  • It starts up and then acts up asking for password.
    • If you have set up password recovery in ThinkVantage Security Solution, you could recover the password.
    • You may have to use ThinkVantage Blue button at the start up.
  • Have you made Windows Password Recovery disk?
    • This would help you recover windows password
  • As last resort try to set to factory setting and re-install to original setup.
  • But before that go to service, particularly if the machine is under warranty.
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Re: Locked out of computer and BIOS after BIOS update

2008-04-18, 21:45 PM
I suffered the same fate today and have yet to find a solution.  I used System Update to update bios on my T61P.  The install was successful.  However, when the system restarted, Windows (XP Pro) did not boot. Instead, the system went to a black screen with a lock icon in the left corner.   I did not have any bios password stored prior to the update.
I contacted Lenovo support this afternoon in Atlanta.  The technician I spoke with, after much delay conferring with colleagues (over 40 minutes) ,told me that this was a "known" and reported issue and that support was working on a fix.  He recommended I check on the web site or call back on Monday.  He didn't exactly leave me with the impression that I could put much stock in a quick or painless resolution though.
If you find a solution, I would appreciate an update to this thread.  Likewise, I will do the same.

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Re: Locked out of computer and BIOS after BIOS update

2008-04-19, 5:20 AM
Actually, till pretty recently, we used to have a thumb rule regarding BIOS updates -- don't, unless something that is not working properly, is reportedly going to work better with the upgrade.
I presume that sound advice applies even today. However, when BIOS shows up as a critical upgrade, which it did, on the System Update, the end-user has little choice, but to update.
I have seen Lenovo put out frivolous changes and put the BIOS for updates. My point is that each time one upgrades the BIOS there is a definite chance that something might get irreversibly wrong, which then can't be undone at user end. Keeping this possibility in mind the manufacturers should really assess the risk/benefit ratio carefully.
Instead of pushing several little -- and substantially inconsequential -- improvements, it might be more prudent to consolidate several improvements and put them out together. On the flip side small incremental changes gives the manufacturer a chance to contain damage rapidly should something go wrong.
Anyway, I think both the users as well as the manufacturer should exercise greater caution when updating BIOS. Further it would do well for the manufacturer to clearly state whether the new BIOS is really critical, or merely cosmetic.I know one can drill down and get the release notes. But one look, and you will notice how cursorily they are written -- adding to confusion rather than providing clarity needed to make informed decisions.
With all the great technology I hope one day we'll have painless BIOS upgrades.  
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Re: Locked out of computer and BIOS after BIOS update

2008-04-20, 8:14 AM
Bluetooth is not working after BIOS Update. Help.
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Re: Locked out of computer and BIOS after BIOS update

2008-04-20, 21:59 PM
Hi folks,

happened to me also with my R61 8943 DNG on Saturday 19. of April 2008, yesterday. Lenovo System Update prompted me for a critical bios update, I followed the automatic procedure and everything went smooth. I had even two succesfull reboots, but since the third booting since bios update I am locked out. Never used a bios password.

I will call the support at 8 a.m. MEST, paid for 3 years for "ThinkPad ServicePac 3 years locally",

Is there maybe a default-password known? That would shorten the procedure, need urgent my TP,


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Re: Locked out of computer and BIOS after BIOS update

2008-04-22, 13:17 PM
Thanks for alerting us to this issue.  These BIOS updates apparently produced a very rare and unique side effect in which a random character power on password was set during the BIOS update.   This occurred in less that 1% of systems, and as such was not found during pre-release testing.
Lenovo has temporarily removed these files from the web to update the code to address this issue and the files will be re-posted once the update is confirmed and re-tested to ensure no re-occurrence of this symptom.
For the majority of the population, the BIOS update proceeded smoothly without the noted issue with a Power on password being set.   No further action is required for these customers as their systems should function normally.
For those who were affected, the Power on Password can be removed by removing the CMOS battery (the one that looks like a watch battery) from the system temporarily, and allowing the memory to drain.   Reference the Hardware Maintenance Manual on the e-support site for your particular system if you feel comfortable performing this activity yourself.
At a high level, these are the steps to follow:
  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Remove the battery pack.
  3. Remove the backup battery
  4. Turn on the computer and wait until the POST ends. After the POST ends, the password prompt does not appear. The POP has been removed.
  5. Reinstall the backup battery and the battery pack.
    Some ThinkPad systems have the ability to reset the Power-on passwords in the ThinkPad BIOS setup utility if a Supervisor password has been set.
If you do not feel comfortable performing this activity, or if you are not able to successfully remove the power on password following those steps in the HMM, please contact service for assistance.

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This helped me too


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Re: Locked out of computer and BIOS after BIOS update

2008-04-22, 13:48 PM
great news! The one case I knew of where this had happened was solved minutes after you posted the solution.
You get a big Yer 'OK for this one.



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Re: Locked out of computer and BIOS after BIOS update

2008-04-22, 16:59 PM
You can find HMM's in English here.
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Re: Locked out of computer and BIOS after BIOS update

2008-04-22, 22:12 PM
Oddly enough, I have the same problem here, but it only started after I deleted my fingerprint profile because the fingerprint reader software wasn't asking my for my fingerprint swipe anymore and windows would just load up without any prompt for either a finger swipe and without asking for any password.....

So I deleted the fingerprint profile and now the computer starts but asks for the power-on password. It won't take my Supervisor Password either (I had never set a power-on password, only my Supervisor Password and I've verified it successfully before starting to use the fingerprint reader software). So, essentially, I have a dead machine now.

Called Lenovo tech support last week (Thursday), explained the whole thing, we tried 6 different methods to clear the power-on password prompt but nothing works!  Spoke with 3 tech support people so far.... Last one tried telling me that it's "user fault" and "motherboard replacement costs are at the expense of the user".... until they heard the whole story - then they began realizing something's wrong with the TPM since the machine isn't even taking my Supervisor password.

Anycase, was supposed to get a box today (to send the computer out to depot). Didn't come. No box. I cut my business trip short to get back home in time today to sign for the box thinking that (as agreed) the box would be shipped and would be here today.

Just called Lenovo again and had to explain the whole case all over again. Turns out they never sent the box, and now I have to wait 'till Thursday or Friday for it.  Then, it's up to 5 days turnaround (business days) before depot sends the computer back. Hopefully fixed.
There's a problem...... I'm going away on business for the week when the machine is estimated to be shipped back to me. .... If the box was already delivered as inidicated, I'd have my machine before leaving on the business trip...

Yippie!  :smileymad:

Now, where can I rent a machine for a decent price while away?

Message Edited by icantux on 04-22-2008 06:17 PM
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