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Re: T60 battery dead right after out of warranty

2009-09-13, 13:10 PM

Wow kamaleshp, how do you get your batteries to last so long? I'm lucky if I get 12-18 months out of mine, and I never got one to go that many cycles.  I have used Lenovo's, Sony's, and Dells. They all use the same battery technologies and vendors, with the same results.


I wish batteries lasted as long as laptops, but they don't, you have to replace them. Your symptoms are typical of what I've seen at the end of the battery's life - short run time and wackiness. I've seen the vendor's battery utilities actually tip marginal batteries over to fail.


A Lithium-ion battery should last at least a year, but can last longer. How long the battery lasts depends on its environment and how it is used. The most informative description of the technology I know of is The Battery University. There is a nice section on How to prolong lithium-based batteries. As it points out there, "A lithium-ion battery in use typically lasts between 2-3 years" but "If used on main power, the battery inside a laptop will only last for 12-18 months". There are other factors which can shorten it's life too, such as heat.


I totally ignore my battery, and don't take any precautions to length its life, so I see the 12-18 months.


We're all wishing for better battery technologies, but they're always "coming soon" :smileysad:.

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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable for some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-09-20, 18:48 PM

Same Message here, I believe the program ended in 2007


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable for some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-09-24, 5:33 AM

Hello Mark,


I am using a T61 right now. My battery could last for only 10 mins from 100% since several months ago though I used an AC adaptor most of time. The FRU number of my battery is 42T4566, which is included in the recall, but I ran the diagnostic tool and it said I am not eligible for replacement. I am pretty sure that there is something wrong with this battery. For example, right now I am doing a battery reset. The full capacity is 39.31Wh, which is 69% of the original, and the remaining capacity is 9Wh. It is charging 2.87W but PM says it can be fully charged in 30 mins. It is really really weird though since the battery has been used for only 45 cycles.


Is there another way to replace it under current program? I am using Windows 7 RC right now with original Vista and I suspect that the PM driver in Windows 7 may cause the "ineligible" problem since my PM in windows 7 crashes several times.




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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable for some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-09-26, 14:16 PM

Hi Mark, Glad to have you here.

I have T61 and recently it started problem with the battery that eventhough it's plugged, it won't charged.


I've checked thru diagnostic tool only to learn that my battery is not included in the replacement program.

How could this be ???!!! It's the same battery error, for God's sake.


Here is my laptop detail:

type: 7660

serial number: removed for your protection


The warranty will expire in 20-08-2010. I received this laptop from the friend of mine, how could I know it's still in the first year of warranty?


What should I do now to have this battery fixed? It's ridicolous to buy new $200 battery as I have been using IBM laptops since the last 4 years with no problem at all.


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable for some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-09-26, 19:10 PM

The battery is covered under the first year warranty call and get replaced.


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable for some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-10-01, 13:54 PM

Yes, but what about the people whose batteries died long before Lenovo recognized the problem? We will not see a replacement, even if support was notified.


I tried getting my battery replaced after it failed after one and a half year, only to get it back with a 'defective' sticker slapped on it.


Why not issue a normal recall?


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable for some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-10-17, 3:31 AM

Have the same problem.  42T4504 is my part.  Purchase the T61 in April of 2008.  Now out of warranty and luck. Ridiculous for it to have just died.  I'm very disappointed in the company and its treatment of these issues.  I was hoping this laptop would last me (all parts of it), 3 years till a replacement.  I can't take it to classes because now the battery is dead.  Can't believe they didn't issue a general recall.  Build quality has been great - so far - I hope there aren't anymore bad surprises. I'm so over it.


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable for some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-10-17, 13:44 PM

Thank you so much for this information. I am on my 2nd battery for my T61p (purchased back in 08) and it is still acting up. I just used the battery tool and it determined that my new battery is part of the bad batch, if you will.


Therefore, Lenovo is sending out a new one!!! Thanks a lot!!


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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable for some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-10-17, 13:51 PM

I agree, i'm really thankfull that I came across this post.  I posted previously about my t61p battery woes that i reported too late at 13 months.  It would've been nice for Lenovo to contact people who had called previously with problems on affected batteries and were turned away with no hope.  I really appreciate them stepping it up to replace the bad batteries now and fortunately i saw this thread now after 18 months when i was finally researching buying a new battery.   Thanks!

Thinkpad T61p 2GB ram, 2.0 GHz 4MB cache, 100GB 7200rpm, 1GB Turbo Cache, WUXGA, Bluetooth, 802.11g

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Re: NEW Battery Tip - Applicable for some T, X, R models and batteries

2009-10-20, 7:04 AM

I encountered similar situation with most of the people here, sudden drop of capacity and then could not be charged......I believe this has faulty design or component....unfortunately as it does not burn/EXPLODE/Kill someone....Lenovo find it is just costly to replace them so they apply standard warranty term and condition......this fault had obviously been occurring for quite sometimes now, only NOW that Lenovo is standing to offer some sort of replacement policy fully aware that most of the battery out there is just or already out of warranty.


Mine is just 13 months into use, sudden drop of capacity to 57% 3 month ago then the whole thing just unusable today on 97% Charge. So I am the other 95% that got unlucky.  That is indeed a good business, someone in Lenovo will definately get good bonus for thinking up such a scheme.


The reason why the Diagnosis tool requires to access Internet so that they can verify the manufacturer date on the battery.   Not the date when you received your notebook and use it.



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