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Overheating Problem with T61p

2011-09-16, 2:35 AM

I think I've been having an overheating problem with my T61p.  Whenever I am running something that takes a decent amount of memory, my computer tends to just shut off randomly.  I can't really do Skype video calls for more than 10-15 minutes without a shutdown.  Same goes for having multiple internet tabs open while simultaneously listening to music or watching a video.


How big of a problem is this?  I know my computer is still under warranty - is it something that can be easily fixed? 


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Re: Overheating Problem with T61p

2011-09-16, 7:56 AM
your GPU may be going bad http://lnv.lithium.com/t5/T61-and-prior-T-series-ThinkPad/T61p-NVidia-570m-Failure/m-p/94318

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Re: Overheating Problem with T61p

2011-09-17, 9:04 AM

I  was  alarmed  by  the  heat  my  T61p  was  kicking  out  over  the  last  few  weeks.  Then,  this  week,  one  long  &  two  short  beeps  c/w  black  screen. Good luck!


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Re: Overheating Problem with T61p

2011-09-17, 13:40 PM

Eventually your GPU is going to burn up. It seems to be the fate of T61p machines. You can perhaps prolong your computer's life by getting ThinkPad Fan Control from http://www.staff.uni-marburg.de/~schmitzr/donate.html. Study the documentation and the tpfancontrol.ini file.


While originally designed to lower the sound of the fan, you can control fan rotational speeds up and down. I've used this since day two of my 6459 machine's life. You'll see demonstrably lower temperatures.


Even with the use of this utility, I am awaiting my third motherboard replacemnt. One of the things I've begun to think about is perhaps running the fan at higher speeds to keep the GPU cool and then immediately shutting down may be shocking the GPU as residual heat rises after the fan shuts down. I think it's the uneven expansion/contraction that may be killing the NVIDIA chip. I'm going to try letting the machine idle for a while before shutting down, if it ever gets back to me (+5 weeks and counting).


Another worry I had was early fan wear, but over the life of the machine the fan has been as quiet as it always was.


One last thought: Clean out the air vents. Don't blow air into the slots with out securing the fan blades or you will seriously over-speed the fan. Best to open the case and clean from within. There are many other threads about redoing the thermal grease on the cooling system pads, but you need to be a bit more comfortable with tearing your machine down and you'll probably void the warranty.


Good luck.

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