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Re: T61 Support SATA II ?

2009-01-05, 23:28 PM

Yes, I find I am wasting my money.

Support SATA II and compatible with SATA II is 2 different story.

Lenovo has short change the specification of the Thinkpad.


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Re: T61 Support SATA II ?

2009-01-06, 19:52 PM

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Re: T61 Support SATA II ?

2009-01-07, 22:13 PM



We are looking into this...






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Re: T61 Support SATA II ?

2009-01-07, 23:01 PM
Thank you Mark. We appreciate your help in this matter !
T61 6465 - 4 GB - X25-M - VS 64 x64 SP1

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Re: T61 Support SATA II ?

2009-01-09, 11:27 AM


Sata speed is set by bios per intel's 965GM chipset specs, obviously there is no option to do that as of now through

Lenovo's bios.


Erik, I bought intel's x25-e for my T61 for Christmas , which theoretically should have about 200-250 MB/s throughput, all I am getting - 110-125 MB/s

It means, when I bought the laptop and expected per specs to have SATA II operational , I wasted my  money  ?


This is obviously has been a mistake by engineering team, I would really like to get my money's worth and have this corrected .

What would be a procedure to do that ? Any way to contact engineering team and put this request in ?


I am assuming more and more people are looking to get SSD's this year - seems like a priority and important fix , no ?


Unfortunately, this limitation does not only cap max speeds but also introduces compatibility problems as well!


At notebookreview.com a Thinkpad T60 user running an Intel X25-M has confirmed that Lenovo's speed limitation not just capped his max speeds but also caused severe performance degredation when the Intel SSD had to operate in Lenovo's "special" SATA-II / I mode.


He ended up moving the Intel X25-M to his desktop computer where it started to function as advertised and instead purchased an MTRON SSD to use in his Thinkpad T60. The MTRON SSD which is a less capable SSD seemed to work well in the T60 (the MTRON does not surpass SATA-I speeds and does not seem to be affected as the Intel X25-M is).


I am getting a bit upset with Lenovo. I struggled for a long time with the Ricoh bug on my old X60s but decided to go with Lenovo again and just purchased an X200 with the intention of equipping it with either 80GB or 160GB version of the Intel X25-M. Now I find out that I have to go with another costly and inferior SSD solution to avoid problems due to hardware/BIOS limitations!


Lenovo should state that their computers are not compatible will all SSDs until (or if) they are able the to resolve the problem!






P.S. Please note the information (second hand though) mentioning compatibility problems with the Intel X25-E 




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Re: T61 Support SATA II ?

2009-01-11, 11:04 AM

Is there anything official from Lenovo on this matter?


I have an Intel X25-m and I am thinking of buying a Thinkpad T500. But if I am unable to use the two together with a good performance I would rather change the laptop to another vendor.


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Re: T61 Support SATA II ?

2009-01-11, 14:17 PM
I don't work for Lenovo

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Re: T61 Support SATA II ?

2009-01-13, 15:43 PM

jketzetera - thanks for the links!


I did want to note that the Intel X-25M benchmarks were performed in the T60's Ultrabay, which is going to have lower maximum performance than the primary drive bay (as noted when the user in question moved his Mtron from the Ultrabay to primary drive bay). While it is clear there are some issues to research, I would refrain from using this data to draw any conclusions at this point.


Thanks for the pointer to the "stuttering" claim with Superfetch as well.

Tim Supples
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Re: T61 Support SATA II ?

2009-01-14, 12:37 PM

Unfortunately, the SSD thread I linked to is more than 220 pages long and sometimes it is difficult to follow all the separate discussions in the thread.

However, while the user might have posted a benchmark of the Intel X25-M in the Ultrabay (I do not remember seeing this when he was complaining of the performance problems, only after he stopped using it as a system drive in his Thinkpad) it is clear that that is not the source of his problems (assuming he did so).

Thie post below for example shows that he tried to solve his stuttering and stalling problems by offloading his Outlook data file to his regular HDD in the Ultrabay (probably the stock Hitachi that came with his computer) but still experienced problems. Since the T60 only has two internal locations for disk drives, his Intel X25-M must then have been installed in the “mainbay”.


It was I who informed him of the loss in performance when benchmarking through the Ultrabay, due to the PATA-to-SATA translation in the SATA Ultrabay adapter.


However, when switching to an MTRON 3500 series SSD (a SATA-1 device)  the performance problems were resolved on his Thinkpad and the Intel X25-M started to perform as expected when he moved it to his Desktop computer.


Please note that the MTRON SSD that he is praising is very inferior to the Intel X25-M. The 3500 series only manages to push 60 write IOPS but still seems to operate stutter free in his Thinkpad (as opposed to the Intel X25-M).

The Intel X25-M is SATA-2 while the MTRON 3500 is SATA-1.

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Re: T61 Support SATA II ?

2009-01-20, 23:35 PM

I am also experiencing slow transfer rates with 256Gb SSD, which is rated as 230Mb read/160Mb write MLC SSD. My T61p r/w performance is limited to 110-120Mb/s. My SSD is connected directly to internal SATA port and not to UltraBay drive, so this shouldn't matter.  In Intel matrix I see drive as generation 1 and without NCQ support. SATA mode is AHCI, I also tried both Vista and Xp, but performance and Intel Matrix storage manager status are the same in both systems.


I'm somewhat dissapointed in Lenovo because of lack of true SATA2 connection, since I knew specs of ICH8 before I bought T61p and I expected full SATA2 support, otherwise I'd never even buy such SSD for T61p. I'm looking forward for resolution for this problem. Mark, is there anything new yet about this issue? Also, if you need any additional informations, I can provide them...

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