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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2008-01-29, 6:28 AM

I have not yet initiated the service process, but I am interested in sending my T61P to North Carolina for repair, primarily because I am a busy college student who cannot really afford to keep sending my computer back to Lenovo and thus want to be assured that my problems will be resolved the first time I send it away.

I am experiencing the usual difficulties and a couple extra: random freezes and lock-ups when doing any 3D rendering, my cursor sometimes drifts when I rest my hand on the touchpad, and sound/wireless sometimes doesn't work when the computer is waking up from sleep.  These problems all happen in BOTH Windows and Ubuntu 7.10.  Indeed, the last problem is usually alleviated by disabling and re-enabling the sound card and wireless card, either in the Windows device manager, or by rmmod/modprobe-ing in Linux... these are definitely hardware issues.

Two caveats which I hope will not prevent me from getting warranty service:

1) when I purchased the computer, I upgraded the RAM and the hard disk.  Now my computer has 2*2GB modules of RAM and a 200GB hard drive.  I've memtest86'd the RAM, and it comes up clean.  As with others, the problems are somewhat alleviated by removing a DIMM (i.e. lockups when 3D rendering happen less frequently), but they never disappear completely (still locks up eventually).  I've had no difficulties with the hard disk whatsoever. 

2) Second, I've installed different video drivers than the default ones (NVidia Forceware with a custom inf) because I wanted better DirectX support.  This is a software thing, so this should be no problem.

Although I have the original RAM and hard drive and the original drivers, I hope that these changes will not prevent me from getting warranty service, and I further hope that sending it in will not cause any great loss of data.  I rely on Linux to do my work, and setting everything up in Linux took quite some time -- indeed, one of the reasons I chose Thinkpads was because their Linux support is much better than competitors!  However, getting my computer fixed is my #1 priority, and I will comply with any instructions if it will alleviate my problems.

If Mark or another Lenovo representative could contact me with further details, that would be great.


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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2008-01-29, 12:53 PM
If you leave your ram and/or hard drive in there and they are deemed defective they will be replaced with original spec replacements. Sometimes hard drives are re-imaged to eliminate and windows problems.
I would be sure to put the original ram and hard drive back in before sending it in to the depot. If you keep your hard drive then you data is safe. right?
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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2008-01-29, 13:12 PM

Would you please add me to the list too? I have exactly the same problems as many people have described here. I tried to run 3DMark 06 two days ago and my laptop could not pass it. The machine shut down on the second graphics test.

Many thanks,


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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2008-01-29, 14:35 PM
My machine passed in PCvantage and 3Dmark03, but I have BSOD at least once a day when doing regular work.
Anyone here has BSOD with the followin message:
Hardware malfunction, please contact hardware vendor.
NMI: memory parity error
My unit does not shut down, not until now.....
or something like this??
I sent my computer to IBM 2x already, opened 3 cases I think.....but I still have the problem, I do agree it is very hard to reproduce it, but still happens.
Thanks a lot guys!

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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2008-01-29, 19:11 PM
NMI errors are completely different than the symptoms described here. You have either bad RAM (likely) or a bad system board (less likely). Try to reseat the RAM first, if that doesn't help, run diagnostics, and see if you get a repro.

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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2008-01-29, 19:16 PM
i'm affraid you are not right .. the nmi errors are strongly connected with this topic, because they are most likely to show only while using 2 memory DIMM's, with single memory inserted the problem does'nt exist .. I also experience the nmi errors .. sometimes my system shutdowns and sometimes it hangs on nmi ..
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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2008-01-31, 22:38 PM
Iostream, Abenov,
I appreciate your willingness to help.   Let's see what this next system does and I'll keep you in mind.   If you need to send to the depot in the mean time, I understand.  I don't want to hold people up in getting service on their systems.
Very interested in getting your system resolved.   Could you send me a PM with your service case numbers?

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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2008-01-31, 23:26 PM

Hello Mark,

Thanks for the support.
Just sent you the PM.


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Updating, according to Lenovo ESC site, my computer has just arrived at the depot and already have someone working on it. In USA there is nothing to complain about, every time I called or opened a service request they answered me in less than 3 hours. The box always travels overnight...lets see if this time we can have a definitive solution.

I sent a "letter" with the computer asking to change my DIMM from 1+1 to only 1 (I dont have 4Gb!) and also change the mother board. Lets see if they change this and hope the computer works fine now! I will keep you guys updated.:robotwink:



Just got an email informing the T61p was already shipped back to me!!! So, tomorrow (hope..) I will be able to tell you guys if it is working and what was done!:robotvery-happy:

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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2008-02-04, 18:28 PM
Hello Mark (Lenovo),
just to let you know ... the IBM/Lenovo repair centre here in the UK is not *that* good (at least from the burocratic sense) :(
I did have a Call Reference opened with them (end of Decembre) to sort out these experienced problems with my T61p.
I have emailed them *several* times letting them know I was unable to send them the laptop at the time because of a work project.
Today I called them to make sure everything was OK for me to ship the laptop to them tomorrow (I have finalyy finished this work project) and I discovered that they have closed the Call Reference!
I will have to call them again tomorrow and have a new Call Reference number opened and explain the whole situation once again and this time ship them the laptop straight away!
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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2008-02-04, 18:40 PM
in my experience, in Germany not the UK I admit, a call will automatically be closed after 7-10 days if they do not receive the TP. (I believe this maybe to avoid the system getting clogged with unsolved cases). In such cases I have been able to refer to the first call and they've done a nice job of copy and paste into the new call, pretty short and painless. I hope this works for you.



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